Hello all ;] 

I'm new in wiki, and this is my first blog post.

I'm here with a little question: "Which supp should I buy now?" Am very intense in playing supp role for few weeks and I'm looking for some new multirole support to buy. I'm looking for ThreshSquare Thresh / NamiSquare Nami now, cause they seem to be very good supps in correct hands and very rewardful, but I want to get a champion, which can fit in different roles e.g. ZyraSquare Zyra and LuxSquare Lux are midder and supps.

So can you help me to choose one of the supps which can fit in different roles? To be easier here my main champions and roles: my main role is mid and supp/jungle but as I said, I'm into playing supp right now. My favorite champions are - Xin, Diana, Syndra, Liss, Rammux and Noc, well Taric is my best supp xD