Phase - 1 beginner`s tips

there`s always a way to reduce damage from any kind of opponents

Reading enemys and other types

Some tank players only use armor but not magic resistance.Because some items are too expensive and take too long to save up.example:spirit visage,Maw of malmortius,G.A or guardian angel are hard to purchase,but adjust to your enemys some are hard to read from the starting of the game,if your opponents are Ap or AD some are hybrid build but theres always a way to reduce damage from any kind of enemy.Some enemys pick AD,Ap and ADR example:Tryndamere,Leblac and caitlyn their primary goal is to bring heavy damage like tryndamere can be more aggresive in early and late but if you stop him from gaining items like Blood thrister and Infinity edge and other high damage items but timing silence,stun,snares are the best way to stop tryndamere from being unstoppable in the game.Make your champion a anti AD and anti Ap tank.