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  • Darksusanoo

    This is a tentative rework for Syndra, the Dark Sovereign. Loved by the community for her unique mechanical playstyle and massive burst damage, Syndra rose to prominence in the middle of Season 4 as potent midlaner counter to the reigning assassin champions due to her potent damage on low cooldowns and ability to peel and harass all in assassins. While having one of best overall midlaner kits from a mechanical standpoint, late Season 4 nerfs to her and several bugs that rose after that brought out the crucial flaws on her kit. While having high base damages and above average scalings, her mid range spells, single target ultimate and low value passive, makes her fall off hard post level 13 due to the long set up times of her ultimate and the…

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  • Darksusanoo

    This is a tentative rework for Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. In the ADC roster, Caitlyn is a somewhat polarizing figure both thematically and gameplay-wise. On one hand her laning phase is extremely oppressive due to her high base range on her basic attacks and her late-game is very potent due to the combination of her passive and attack speed, critical strike and attack damage she builds from items. However her gameplay post-9 takes a drop damage-wise, where her loses damage relevance and overall her kit doesn't capture the feel of what sniper should be. Her is a simple escape tool and her simply doesn't make sense with the rest of her kit.

    Thus this rework focuses on 3 major aspects: Landing skillshots. As a sniper your aim has to be…

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  • Darksusanoo

    This is a tentative rework for Talon, the Blade's Shadow. So let's talk Talon. Out of all assassins in the game Talon has historically been the one who's struggled the most with his job to assassinate his foes. While provided with near-unparalleled burst damage for an AD-based assassin, that can even give a run for his money, his all-in kit meant that Talon's play-style was very binary. Either you burst a priority target down, or your die. Late-game teamfights you're probably gonna die either way. Before his silence could alleviate some of these issues but it also created the problem of no counterplay for the unfortunate target. After that was taken away, well...in a world where we have Zed, LeBlanc, Ahri, even Diana and Zhonya's Hourglass…

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  • Darksusanoo

    Ok...Kassadin...this guy has been a thorn, a terror, a bonafide disaster in League, for players and the devs in Riot. A rework, several nerfs and months latter, he appears to be finally dead...his win, play and ban rate have dropped like a crashing plane. (Doesn't mean that he can't resurface latter on, but i don't believe him to be in a good state IMO).

    However, thematically-wise Kassadin is amazing and his notion as an anti-mage is amazing, however his kit doesn't do him much justice ATM. I'm gonna post a rework idea i had, with explanations for each modified ability, so ideas, thoughts and counter-opinions are welcome and necessary, just keep them civil...ok, here we go:


    • Passive: Anti-Mage
      • Kassadin takes 15% reduced magic damage an…
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