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  • Darkvoltinx

    Ranthor, The Master Guardian:

    Lore: In the unrecorded past of Runeterra, there was a great war causing destruction across land. Seeing that the war would only unleash the full power of the magics, Ranthor sought power to stop the war. Ranthor became the very first Guardian and the Master guardian. He stopped the war in a single day. After the war and seeing that peace had come he fell into a deep sleep fearing the future might change for the bad. His power was thought lost by the people. There is Legend that now gets past down through the generation that comes with prophecy. The Master Guardian shall only awake on the eve of a great disaster. So if the master guardian awakens be on high alert cause something. Now the prophecy is about to ha…

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  • Darkvoltinx

    Zaine, The master of Elements

    When he was young his power over magic was strong. Seeing his powers the Noxains came to his home to kidnap him. Right as he was about to get grabbed the Noxains. A Demacain knight appeared to save him. His name was Garen. Garen took him and fleed back to demacia. Zaine then was sent off to study how to control his magic. Along his way he met Lux, he gained a crush on her while studying with her. Garen always kept a close eye on Zaine when ever he was around Lux.
    When he was set to finish his studies it and move on to fight, Zaine disappeared. No one knew where or how he disappeared. He left to study Demacia to study the elements better for his magic abilities. Years after his disappearance, he returned to …

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