Hi everyone, I wanted to talk to you guys about a part of league that is in every game, even if you don't see it all the time. The part I'm referring to is effort. Now, you always hear people say something like, winning doesn't matter as long as you have fun. Bullshit. If you lose without giving any effort to even consider making a comeback you don't deserve to win. Even if you're feeding the enemy team as a top laner, take the effort upon yourself to start building as a tank so instead of being a free kill for the enemy you become your team's meatshield. And you should especially give 100% when the team is on your back. If this is the case, you must give more than Herculean effort in order to lead your team to victory.

Overall, what I'm saying is that effort is a part of the game that can be seen everywhere. If you want to win you give effort. If you're content with losing, then stop giving a shit. But remember, even an afker is more useful than a guy with no effort.