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Now I want to know what you people think about people who feed like a buffet and then try to call a surrender vote. I want you to tell me if you would accept or not, your reaction to it, as well as what you would do or say in response to that. I will be completely impartial to your opinions and will edit this page as neccesary to show some common opinions. Thanks for your help.

Edit 1: After reading through the comments, it seems many people would either never surrender or surrender only when an extremely specific set of conditions have been filled. Case in point:

  • 'Yeah, no surrender for me either' CptSpaceLazor
  • 'So no surrender.' Anonymous
  • 'Fight 'till the end' Comrade Oscar

​In regards to wether you would surrender if a feeder called it, most people unsurprisingly said no. They believe that if you feed, you should suffer the consequences and be forced to stay. I am of this belief as well and feel that if you feed, you shut up and stay out of everyone's way. Case in point:

  • 'if the feeder is calling surrender - hell no. YOU brought this on us, so suffer.' Anonymous
  • ' if the person that feeded calls for surrender probably blaming everything else sure that shows that the person is an asshole and will get reported by the others' Anonymous
  • 'Feeding and then weakening your own team's morale by trying to surrender is just low.' Anonymous

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