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  • Darthzeus

    Ezreal Rework idea

    November 8, 2014 by Darthzeus

    I view Ezreal as sort of broken at the moment, his role as a low(ish) skill high-utility marksman is a little stale, Lucian truly holds much of his utility, and his price of 4800 IP makes him impractical to play to learn the marksman role compared to Ashe. I know many people have conflicting views on this (the first person I brought up the concept of reworking Ezreal to simply left the room), and thus accept this post is going to get flamed. Also, in my first champion idea page I think I proved I suck at assigning numbers to champs, and thus will not be attempting to assign any of those to this rework. this is merely ideas for how to change his kit.

    I wanted to make this new Ezreal feel more adventurous, and like you really are exploring s…

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  • Darthzeus

    Lady Kess, The Void Weaver

    September 22, 2014 by Darthzeus

    Lady Kess, The Void Weaver is a champion in League of Legends.

    Summons 5 athames which charge for 2 seconds then fire, converging towards where the cursor was when ability was activated (similar to heimer's W) These pierce once (Twice when ability is at max level), dealing damage. Upon converging, they create a gravity well with a radius of 100x # of remaining athames, which draws units into the middle of it and slows them. Any enemy units in the middle of it take 6 true damage whenever another unit is drawn into the center, and they are smashed together (units that ignore unit collision are exempt from this). Airborne targets in range are smashed to the ground, taking 30 physical damage times their altitude (don't ask me how I measure that)…
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