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  • Dawoud621

    It may just be me, but for the last few champions and reworks Riot has done it felt like they were just... trying too hard to find new mechanics. A bunch of them were cool, like Quinn's bird-transformation, Graves getting a real shotgun, and the last few troll ults. But with Jhin it just feels kindof stupid, and doesn't feel as origional as Riot had intended. It's just his passive to me, everything else on his kit seems cool. He's a sniper with Graves' shell mechanic, he doesn't get attack speed, instead attack speed items give him ad, and crit gives him... movement speed? What exactly does that mean? Sure, we have no numbers to go on to see if it will be absurd or not, but it seems like Riot is making up for thematic creativity with hype …

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  • Dawoud621

    I just wanted to take a moment to comemerate riot making rageblade a real item that has its actual uses, and how broken ap Jax and Xin are right now. Besides that this is also a moment to ask just how long you think Riot's going to let it stay op? Do you think people are going to tell Riot how powerful it is before or after it debuts in LCS. 

    If anyone wants to try the build and see what I mean it's the same for both of them: Sated, Hunter's Pot (more for Jax who needs a bit of early sustain), Gunblade, Rageblade, Lich Bane, Deathcap, and sorc shoes or Lucidity boots.

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  • Dawoud621

    As someone who was looking forward to Bilgewater Brawlers, the new game mode that was supposed to come out this patch, I feel like Riot is just dangling it over our heads. I've been waiting for this since it was released on the pbe, and now that this new patch is finally released what does Riot decide to do? Not release it. There was even a hotfix today, so when I logged on I thought "FINALLY IT'S HERE"... but no. Was it very glitchy in the PBE or something? I just really want to see it come out because it seems so imaginative

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