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Guinsoo's rageblade and the champs that have became op because of it

Dawoud621 November 12, 2015 User blog:Dawoud621

I just wanted to take a moment to comemerate riot making rageblade a real item that has its actual uses, and how broken ap Jax and Xin are right now. Besides that this is also a moment to ask just how long you think Riot's going to let it stay op? Do you think people are going to tell Riot how powerful it is before or after it debuts in LCS. 

If anyone wants to try the build and see what I mean it's the same for both of them: Sated, Hunter's Pot (more for Jax who needs a bit of early sustain), Gunblade, Rageblade, Lich Bane, Deathcap, and sorc shoes or Lucidity boots.

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