So, With muramana and iceborn as core, im looking for suggestions to make an AD sona build. my thoughts thus far are as follows:

one option is still sticking partially to support - specifically zekes herald and ageis of the legion. this gives you a lil life steal, a little armour and magic resist so you have sustain and auras to help your team while ibg and mura dish out damage.

another is BotRK. attack speed, afrementioned life steal and a fair amount of damage. the downside is with muramana's toggle you'll run out of mana pretty fast (though i guess this build will always have that problem.)

another option is pumping your mana as much as possible to get a ton of damage from your muramana. mikeals crucible can also then be used to support your team. frozen heart can also help with this, giving mana and a nice debuff for your enemy.

anyways, any suggestions ladies and gents of the wiki?