is it just me or does this shut down most mids except veigar?

let me clarify: with clarity (see what i did there?) you have some of the best sustain in the game, you can instantly top up 40% of your mana to the boost your hp pretty much back to full. Not only that but Alpha Strikes has a deceptivly long range and if correctly target minions you can deal alot of damage while remaining out of reach. the last game i played ryze needed to recall 4 times and died twice before my shop since the start of the game. 

but my main point is that "meta" players were calling me a noob and a troll pick. by the end of the game (which was a surrender) i had one death from a turret dive, 11 kills and 9 assists. the fact that ryze (their mid) and diana (their jungle) simply couldn't kill me and ryze died an awful lot their team cohesion fell apart due to rage and flame.

yet every single time i get told that ap yi is significantly worse than adc yi, yet almost every game with a yi i see the exact opposite.

just food for thought.