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  • DeMi189

    Muramana + AP builds.

    April 27, 2013 by DeMi189


    I'll talk about an idea that may be thought over before, but raised to a higher level. What if we build a Muramana and then build other AP items? Of course, that's common for Ryze and maybe Elise (even though Ryze doesn't build AP, but still), but have you thought about Muramana AP Kha'Zix? Pantheon? Kayle? Warwick? These champions don't usually build AP (Kayle does), but with Muramana build together, this might actually come true. So, a deeper look into this.


    This is surprisingly the most viable option of the ones I pointed out above. Seriously. His passive scales 50% from AP, together with his W heal part. With his W evolved it scales 50% off of AP. Now, add in Muramana. You get a crazy splitpusher and poker together with a …

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  • DeMi189

    Hey guys,

    It's DeMi189 again. Happy New Year everyone! I've been doing some work on champion rotations mainly because I love noting and writing everything I see. I think it's quite interesting looking at the habits on putting champions free.


    It's a bit messy because I had to upload it and it lost all the fanciness it had while on the .xls file. Note that there are 3 sheets which can be selected above the spreadsheet.

    So, the clear winners of being the most rotated award are Amumu, Ashe, Caitlyn, Cho'Gath and Miss Fortune with 11 rotations. We kinda saw this coming, I think.

    The winniners of being the least rotated award are Karm…

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  • DeMi189

    But will it go as AP?

    October 13, 2012 by DeMi189

    Hiya guys,

    This is my second blog here. If you have time, check my Katarina guide in my profile -> Blog.

    So, I've been doing a really fun thing - testing out AD champions as AP. It was surprising that many of them were really successful. I test them in a custom game with bots, sometimes in PBE, sometimes in Live servers. So, here is the list I've tested so far:

    AP Gangplank:

    OP damage with , OP heals with , OP nuke with Parrley + Lich Bane. One of the most viable ones after Lich Bane.

    AP Vayne:

    Even if she doesn't have any AP ratios, I've done a quadra only with + Lich Bane procs. Still has no actual damage, though.

    AP Lee Sin:

    A huge shield with and quite big base damages, I've done quite well with Lich Bane procs.

    AP Irelia:

    Penta included, one …

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  • DeMi189


    This guide was originally written in Katarina's comment page ( So other people thought I should write this in a blog, so here it is, slightly corrected somewhere.

    I main for some time now, if you try her after reading this, I'm 96.468138% sure you'll love her.

    First of all, is quite easy to learn, I'd say really easy, but very difficult to fully master, you need to know when to initiate, or you and the whole game is dead. If you don't learn that, you wont succeed, but you will after reading this.


    AD is not viable. She was barely ok some time ago, but after her rework she's not. Hybrid is really stupid, she used to stack back when Spell Vamp stack…

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