Hey guys,

It's DeMi189 again. Happy New Year everyone! I've been doing some work on champion rotations mainly because I love noting and writing everything I see. I think it's quite interesting looking at the habits on putting champions free.

HERE'S THE LINK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AtBWipY1UXDEdC1vaTNrNjR4dGV6U1Y3LWZJaFZtRkE&output=html

It's a bit messy because I had to upload it and it lost all the fanciness it had while on the .xls file. Note that there are 3 sheets which can be selected above the spreadsheet.

So, the clear winners of being the most rotated award are Amumu, Ashe, Caitlyn, Cho'Gath and Miss Fortune with 11 rotations. We kinda saw this coming, I think.

The winniners of being the least rotated award are Karma and Tristana with 0 rotations (Vi and Nami are not counted because they have just been released, and Nami got her first rotation on January 1st 2013).

I understand the reason why Karma is not rotated - it's because she is being reworked. BUT, the question is, why Heimerdinger was rotated 6 times if it is reworked too? My opinion is that the Riot company doesn't like some champions,

Tristana also has 0 rotations. You may say that the reason of it is that she is got free by suscribing to Facebook. BUT, WHY WAS ALISTAR ROTATED 9 TIMES? This system is very unclear and weird to me.

So, I put much effort into filling these spreadsheets, I loved doing it, and I think I will continue this through the 2013.

Happy Holidays!!!