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    Proto L4, The Humble Robot is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Proto L4 starts out with the item "battery pack" which gives him 100 battery as a resource instead of mana. This item can be upgraded at level 9 for 3 different things, each costing 1000g.

    >Improved Battery: Increases battery by 50% and decreases usage by 50%.

    Proto L4 makes a thin laser in front of him. Champions hit will take magical damage and be revealed over 6 seconds. Additionally, they will deal less damage and have reduced armor and magic resistance.

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    |cooldown = |cost = 25 |costtype = battery |range = 900 }}

    Attacking gives Proto L4 up to 10 "Warming Up" stacks. Each stack he receives reduces his cooldowns by 1 second and gives him 10% attack speed.…

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