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    Teaser Theory

    December 29, 2015 by Deathkin12

    On the past few days, a few teasers had been popping out. No one is quite sure whether these refer to a new skin line or a new champ, though references to the name "Jhin" was found within the files. 

    The first teaser to go out was one of Zed which includes a short video that plays upon visiting his champion page in the LoL site and his usual champion icon being switched with an animated and noticeably different one.

    The next one is of Sona, which also includes a video and a new icon.


    Though both Sona and Zed's teasers are vastly different, they do have one thing in common, both their animated icons show them with their eyes shut, as if they were sleeping.


    Which led me to the idea that what if these teasers mean that whatever they were intend…

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  • Deathkin12

    Hype on Skins

    April 18, 2013 by Deathkin12

    As we all know,along with the huge Freljord patch, the skins prices are one of the big issues to be presented to the summoners. It was welcomed by both praises and citicisms. But along with the price change and a new skin tier, and announcement of the upsoming skins' qualities were announced. So to join in the fun, here are my ideas for a skin or two for our current league Champions alphabetically. (Due to some issue, I was requested to compile all the skins in one blog. Here is my attempt on doing so even though I still don't know what's wrong with my way but we just had to comply.)

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  • Deathkin12

    Upon dying, Cinthya's corpse releases pollens that sticks to nearby enemies, leaching life from them equal to 4% of their current health each second for 5 seconds and transferring it to nearby allied champions. The transfusion is divided equally to all nearby allied champions 500 units around the affected enemy.


    Cinthya draws a flower seed from her pouch and places it on the ground. After 1 second, a flower sprouts on the location, if the seed is placed inside a brush, the delay is halved and is invisible to enemy units. The flower could either be a red one or a yellow one and the color could be selected before planting the seed. Cinthya could only store 3 flower seeds at a time and generates 1 seed every 12 seconds.
    A yellow flower gro…

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  • Deathkin12

    Asphyxia's spells thin out the air around their targets, causing units hit to suffocate and suffer 10/15/20 magic damage per second for 3 seconds. Damage is doubled if the unit is disabled.


    Releases a wave of sharp air in a straight line that damages units hit. Each unit hit reduces the damage dealt by 5% upto 40%. If the unit is marked by Suffocate, they are then slowed by 60% and the mark is consumed.

    |leveling = |cooldown= |cost= |costtype= mana |range= 500 }} }}

    Marks an enemy unit that lasts for 5 sec. Asphyxia's spells consumes the mark to deal additional effect and damage.

    |leveling = |cooldown= |cost= |costtype= mana |range= 600 }} }}

    Asphyxia changes the air around the target enemy to damage and teleport it 300 units away.…

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  • Deathkin12

    Upon dying, all nearby allied champions within a 500 AoE range are healed for 40 + 20(X 1 per level)


    Releases 3 pulsating sound waves that reaches up to a 400 AoE around Mikael. All units hit are affected by a Sinner Mark up to a cap of 3. A Sinner Mark lasts for 5 seconds. Mikael could activate the skill again to cast Repent.

    |leveling = |cooldown= |cost= |costtype= current health |range= 400 }}

    Consumes all nearby Sinner's Marks that would either heal an ally or damage an enemy

    |leveling = |range= 700 }} }}

    Holy Light from above aids Mikael to allow to teleport a short distance. The Holy Light is so bright, it blinds nearby units on the destination point of Mikael.

    |leveling = |cooldown= |cost= |costtype= current health |range= …

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