Son of the famed Master Lito and brother to Irelia, Zelos was famous in the land of Runeterra for he is one of those who mastered his father's way of handling blades. After his father died, he took it into him that he does not only have to protect his younger sister but also their home, Ionia, from it's enemies. So when the impending attack of the Noxians reached Ionia, he immediately arranged a voyage towards Demacia to seek for their assistance. Little did he know, the Noxians was closer to Ionia than he thought. Upon his departure, Noxian forces attaked Ionia killing many and leaving the town to ashes. Zelos, innocent from what is happening in his home, reached Demacia and sought help from Garen Crownguard. Agreeing to help the Ionians, Garen, along with Zelos and an army of Demacian soldiers, mrched to Ionia to deffend it from the Noxians. Upon arrival, Zelos was devastated to see his hometown destroyed and in chaos. His fellow soldiers bathing in their own blood, the poor innocent children dead in the streets, but shocked them the most is that the Noxians are nowhere to be seen. They searched the whole state only to find the survivors of the attack inside the Placidium. He saw her little sister wielding their father's blade in her hands, she was controlling the blades effortlessly. SInce that day he promised to train her sister in the way of the blade and when she joined the league, he too decided to come with her, for he will never allow once again for her sister and Ionia to deffend themselves for now, the Blade of Ionia shall slice their foes in one single swing.

Death shall come to our oppressors

-Zelos, the Blade of Ionia