As we all know,along with the huge Freljord patch, the skins prices are one of the big issues to be presented to the summoners. It was welcomed by both praises and citicisms. But along with the price change and a new skin tier, and announcement of the upsoming skins' qualities were announced. So to join in the fun, here are my ideas for a skin or two for our current league Champions alphabetically. (Due to some issue, I was requested to compile all the skins in one blog. Here is my attempt on doing so even though I still don't know what's wrong with my way but we just had to comply.)


Arctic Fox Ahri: This skin basically is a frost-inspired skin with her ball being a snowball, her flames be frozen wind, her charm as a heart-shaped snowball. Her look would include large fox ears, white hair, fur on the collar, long sleeved sweater and pants that are both fox-paterned. As I imagine the skin, I see it as an ahri skin with not to much flesh shown much like the arctic warfare caitlyn.

Death Seeker Akali: Her weapons would be a double scythe/sickle paired with black overalls, with a black hood and face mask.her spells would feature dark smoke upon impact, a smoky effect with E, a large black haze with W and whenever she kills a unit, her scythes/sickles or her eyes would glow red

Dairy Alistar: Alistar with cow prints overalls.whenever he casts a spell, a squirt sound would be heard. his passive would cause him to squirt out milk and everyone that gets heald with his E would be showered with milk

Spidermumu: It's popular for one reason. Cause it's awesome. niff said

Rainbow Bird Annivia: Annivia that features bird feathers and her tail would glow like the colors of the rainbow(think Ho-oh) and her spells would be emmiting different array of colors. Ashevarosa: Ashe in a gastly image of the former queen. Spell effects would include frozen arrows trailed by snow, hawkshot would shower snowflakes down the area. and her Ult would be of Ice gleaming in different colors as it travels accompanied by 2 hawks that spins around it.

Battlebot Blitz: A blitz made from hard metal powered by coals to ensure it lasts in battle. spells would release steam/smoke as they were casted and when W is casted, his whole body would burn bright with heat.

Firelord Brand: Similar to Vlad and his BloodLord skin. Same theme just a more badass looking model, voice and spell effects

Bionic Caitlyn: a half human, half robot Cait with futuristic rifle and an energetic Ace in the Hole

Pre-Curse Cassiopeia: Basically Cassiopeia before the Serpent-blade incident. Feet included.

Cho'Gathzilla: Chogath in a scaly texture with matching building-shattering sound effects

Battlecast Corki: Corki would be driving not his traditional Copter but a Huge Battle Bot. Battle bot includes Mist Revealing Smoke Grenades, Flame Jetpack for daring escapes, An Artillery that would pierce your enemy's armor and a Kick Ass Home Destroyer Missile. *batteries not included*

Lumberjack Darius: Darius in a checkered poloshirt in a dirty overall ready to chop anything that goes his way, champion or tree.

Solari Diana: What Diana would look like if she was chosen as the Champion of the Solari tribe and not Leona.

Bridal Mundo: TPA Mundo was great enough but Runaway Bride Mundo would be better.

Fire Dancer Draven: well you get the idea

Spider Goddess Elise: Armored Elise with most of her skin is covered but would still reflect her "seductress" look. Her spiderform would be and Armored Spider with an emblem. Spells would be accompanied with golden glitters or tiny spiders.

Countess Evelynn: She would have the typical Vampiric Cape, Hood and outfit. Spells would depict spikes that saps blood from it's targets and a new VO.

Hyper Dying Will Ezreal: Sawada Tsunayoshi(KHR) Inspired Skin


Domestic Fiddle: Fiddlesticks for your Home. Sure to attract butterflies of all shapes and sizes. *Warning: may come alive at night*

French Maid Fiora: Her Duster won't be the only one swaying in this fan service skin (if u now what i mean)

Voidborn Fizz: a purple fizz that came from the void and is able to call kogmaw's daddy with just a voidling bait.

Human Galio: A wingless galio that walks around throwing gusts of wind and shooting lazers with his eyes. But don't let this Fleshling deceive you, he may be human but he is able to take all you attacks against him.

Pulsefire Gagplank: An orange-armored pulsfire that would surely crit you life away. Ult includes the rain of what seems to be toxic bombs from space. But even if you're a pirate of the past or a marauder of the future, everyone has time for Oranges.

Noxian Garen:Garen in a red and metalllic armor, a cape with the Noxus Emblem and an axe instead of a sword.(hmmm Dunkmaster?)

Lady Gragas: Gragas in baby blue tights, glimmering glasses that throws discoballs to everyone. sure to make anyone who comes his way to puke.

Cyborg Graves: A futuristic graves where his Destiny is now part of his arm. COmplete with futuristic bullets and a computer-isque voice

Dark Crusader Hecarim: a Dark Medieval Armor Clad horseman that would send chills down you spine.

  • Bronies: a MLP Hecarim that would call different ponies everytime he uses his ult. Not suitable for non-Brony Believer*

War Veteran Heimerdinger: A Camouflage Heimer complete with tank turrets, pinapple grenades and nuclear missles

French Maid Irelia: Blades as broom and ult as knives and dusters Sandstorm Janna: Middle Eastern suited Janna with sandy effects on her spells

MMORPG Jarvan IV: Jarvan starts with a peasant suit and a plow/rake. As he levels up, his armor would start to upgrade until finally being a king's Golden Armor suited for battle.

Janitor Jax: Great for cleaning up after a fight

Norse God Jayce: Jayce God of Lightning

Wicked Witch Karma: Karma in black dress and demonic markings that lights up when Matra is activated.

Human Karthus: Karthus before he died and was reincarnated for his love of death

Augmented Kassadin: Similar to what Augmented SInged received

Sous Chef Kat: Kat with a spatula in one hand and a knife in the other. She'll surely cook you up a good fight

Exiled Kayle: Kayle in Morgana's place. 


Scout Kennen: Kennen in Teemo's clothes

Atlantic KhaZix: KhaZix Prawn-Style. Abilties would cause water bubbles to be released.