Sinful Sisters

Lust: Lucia

Once a beautiful maiden, one who's beauty is unmatched in the land of Valoran, Lucia was idoled by men and envied by the ladies. She had a never ending line of suitors each and every day, lining up to take this Maiden's hand in marriage. But Lucia loved but one man, a man she gave all her heart to, and the man love her the same, or so it seems. The lovers decided to get married and show Valoran their unending love. On their wedding day, people from different States came. But before exchanging vows, a woman stood in the audience, announcing that Lucia's groom was the father of her soon to born baby.

Lucia was lost for words. The man she loved had loved somebody else. Without saying anything, Lucia ran out of the ceremony, the audience tried to look for her but to no avail. little did they know, she was just sitting under a tree, crying from her shame and broken love. Her sorrow proved so much for her, that life started to leave her body, slowly as her breath disappears, she swore to be loved by all but will love no one. With that her soul leaved her body only to enter a new vessel, her Groom's soon to be born baby. As her soul enters, the baby's grew while within the it's mother. It grew and grew until the Mother exploded and out came a female with demonic horns and wings and the face of a lady with a beauty matched by no one. On her "rebirth", she felt power coursing through her veins, with just a single sight, people lusted over her. Men want her, women wanted to be her.

Lucia, vowed to never love once more, set her eyes to one of Valoran's most famed places, the Institute of war. She sees the institute as a playground, a playground where she could toy with the hearts of many, break their sorry hearts and bones to pieces that they would never want to live again.

Greed: Grizelda


Sloth: Sly

Gluttony: Glume


Pride: Pria