On the past few days, a few teasers had been popping out. No one is quite sure whether these refer to a new skin line or a new champ, though references to the name "Jhin" was found within the files. 

The first teaser to go out was one of Zed which includes a short video that plays upon visiting his champion page in the LoL site and his usual champion icon being switched with an animated and noticeably different one.

The next one is of Sona, which also includes a video and a new icon.


Though both Sona and Zed's teasers are vastly different, they do have one thing in common, both their animated icons show them with their eyes shut, as if they were sleeping.


Which led me to the idea that what if these teasers mean that whatever they were intended for (skin, champion, item, mode) has something to do with dreams or sleep. The teasers do look a bit surreal. 


The files also shows references for both Garen and Vi.


How 'bout you guys?? What do you think these teasers mean??