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the Sands of Time

Cost: [1] 7800 or [2] 970
Attributes Ranged, Mage, Fighter
HEALTH 325(+75) ATTACK DAMAGE 51.7 (+3.5)
HEALTH REGEN. 10 (+0.65) ATTACK SPEED 0.694 (+3%)
TIME 100 ARMOR 15 (+3.5)
tIME REGEN. 10 MAGIC RES. 30 (+1.25)

Abilities Edit

Bend Time

Dueshominis causes a Rupture in time for every ability used.

On 6 stacks of Ruptures, Dueshominis Lowers his cooldowns by

1 second and heals himself for a percentage of the next ability used.

When Dueshominis has 0 Time he Causes himself to Decay, 5% of his current health every second.

  • Truth

    • RANGE: 400
    • COOLDOWN: 9 seconds
    • COST: 40 Time

ACTIVE: Dueshominis bestows the Truth of Time to the target making it Distraught with knowlage for 4 seconds

Being Distraught increases damage to the target by 3% (+0.5% for every 100 AP) and also fears the target for 2 seconds.


  • RANGE: 600
  • COOLDOWN: 16 seconds
  • COST: 60 Time

ACTIVE: Dueshominis uses time to seem as if he teleports to a location. After he teleports his movement speed is reduced by 30% for 2 seconds but also gains 10 armor and magic resistance.

Future Sight

  • RANGE: 625
  • COST: 20 Time

Future sight has 2 seperate effects that toggle between eachother through each ability use.

ACTIVE 1: Dueshominis see's the next move other

champions will make allowing him to block their next attack.

ACTIVE 2: Dueshominis anticipates when the enemy target is weakestand immediately causes (10% of current health + 10% of targets health) magic damage to the target.

Time Warp

  • COOLDOWN: 100 / 90 / 80
  • COST: 100 mana

ACTIVE: Deushominis slows time the Sands of Time making everything except for himself decrease in speed for 50% for 5 seconds.

(speed meaning movement, cooldowns, mana regen, healthregen, ability and basic attack unit speed.)

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