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Strategy Page changes idea and maybe , incoming ?

Dedexy December 1, 2014 User blog:Dedexy

Hello there. I joined the wiki community few days ago and what I stated is that this wiki seriously can be in lack of content compared to others wikia.

I'm an huge fan of strategy and as I saw , this only  include some skill usage , build usage , recommended builds , the Champ's spotlight and the counterplay in the list developped pages.

What we can add to this are category like this :

- Team Composition Advantages.

- Positionning.

- Strategic moves.

Etc ...

So this blog isn't complete at all because I'm tired after editing Sion/Strategy page , but when I did it, I thought about a Sion Vs Malphite matchup in the toplane where our positionning was really important and we both performed well at that and I realized that it was really important.

I understand that this is kind of "more technical" strategy that can be hard to explain with words , but I was thinking about videos made exclusively for the wiki.

These are only some ideas. Tell me your early though on these small ideas.

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