• Degritone

    First, let's define what I mean by the things in the title:

    Direction Targeted: This video displays what I mean by directiontargeted. I used Yasuo's Q at a location not above the target dummy, then flashed so the direction my cursor was relative to Yasuo would hit the target dummy and it hit the target dummy. For blink or dash abilities with a delay, this will be used for if they go in the direction of the cursor before the flash, as with skillshots, but it will also be included whether or not they go their full distance.

    Location Targeted: This video displays what I mean by location targeted. I used Zed's Q on the target dummy then flashed after I had already cast the ability and it still went toward the target dummy. For blink or dash abil…

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  • Degritone

    . |description2 = Slayer's basic attacks deal physical damage to all targets within his basic attack range that are in front of him. Additionally, Slayer does not benefit from mana regeneration, including from the fountain, and spawns with 0 mana. Instead, he restores (+5% maximum mana) mana}} for each target hit by his basic attack. Every fourth basic attack deals bonus physical damage to all enemies hit and restores an additional . |targeting=Charging is an ability. |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional=

    • On-hit effects are applied to all enemies hit, including one-time effects like those of Trinity Force.
      • Titanic Hydra's cone is only sent out behind his main target.
      • Muramana will only cost mana as if he were attacking …

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  • Degritone

    Pred, the Spirit Novic

    January 5, 2017 by Degritone

    seconds, up to 100. After entering combat for the first time, his Spirit will continue to increase past its "maximum," becoming overcharged.

    |description2 = After 5 seconds of having higher than maximum Spirit, Pred's Spirit becomes too much to hold, sending out two orbs of Spirit energy which seek out a new host and reducing his Spirit to 0. Though, no one is compatible with his Spirit, so each deal % base AD}} % AP)}} magic damage to the enemy nearest to Pred, with the second prioritizing champions within 550 range. These can damage the same target, for a total of % base AD}} % AP)}} magic damage. Lane minions take double damage from this effect. |targeting=Charging is an ability. |spelleffects=single target |onhiteffects= |spellshield=w…

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  • Degritone

    Perth, the Grower

    December 3, 2016 by Degritone

    modified physical damage and their attack speed is capped at 1.5 instead of 2.5.

    |targeting=This is an ability. |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional=

    • The modified damage interacts with crits as normal, dealing damage without an Infinity Edge, and with one.
    • It would take 188 unit kills to equal the range of the shortest ranged champion's range.
      • 457 to equal the highest natural range in the game
      • 1088 to equal the longest range in the game.


    When Perth kills a unit, they gain a 20 health shield, which stacks infinitely, and is tripled from large minions, large and epic monsters, and champions.

    |description2 = Upon cast, Perth's attack timer is reset and deals bonus physical damage on their next attack. Additionally, for the…

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  • Degritone

    Codename: Dumb Pusher

    July 26, 2016 by Degritone

    Additionally, after Pusher takes damage from non-champion sources, he gains a champion damage only shield equal to the damage he took.

    |description2 = Simplicity: Before putting a rank in any ability, Pusher chooses one ability to permanently become an unrankable passive and has access to every ability from level one. |targeting=Oblivious is an ability. |spelleffects= |onhiteffects= |spellshield= |additional= }}

    If his champion damage shield is broken, he gains 15% movement speed and deals extra magic damage on his basic attacks for 3 seconds.

    |description2 = Pusher gains bonus physical damage on all sources of damage for the next 3 seconds. Damaging a structure three times during this time deals additional magic damage to the structure and …

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