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Urgot's an odd champion in general, with INSANE early game, with an EQQQ combo almost, if not, killing people, but no mid game or late game what-so-ever. While I don't have a PBE account to say if the small buffs Riot have given him are enough, from what I've heard, he's still not played much if at all. My friend and I got on a discussion about how we could buff Urgot, and I said that his Q basically replaces his basic attacks, that that's how I imagine Urgot when I see him. He thought that that could happen for real at max rank R, but the spell itself would need a little nerf because of what it is.

Essentially, at max rank R, Urgot's Q becomes a passive that replaces his autoattacks, with only 800 range instead of 1000, and is still body-blockable by champions. It can still lock-on and become 1200 range with E, and now applies on-hit effects like a ranged ability.

One issue I brought up was Sheen and its items. Would it apply a Sheen procs every time it's up, since it's technically casting a spell, or would it not proc them unless W, E, or R was used? If it applied Sheen effects as if the attack itself was a spell spell cast (think Parrrrly, but ranged on-hit effects), the base damage would have to be cut in some way, and if not, it would keep its base damage. If it could crit, it may need reduced crit damage.

All of the directly above paragraph would need number crunching and testing to tell how those effects would have to be implemented.

He would keep his early game, and bring back the importance of mid game champs, like Lux, to shut him down when he's weakest, if he becomes a strong pick.

What does everyone think of this idea?

I'll add formatted ability things once I'm not on my phone.