I am a friendless, lonely man and have no way to test this, so this idea is just theoretical.

An idea I had was to have an AP mage top, a jungler, an ADC mid, a COUNTER JUNGLER, and a tank that can do really well in a 2v1 situation bot lane to not die against the current meta. The top/bot leash the jungler, as usual. The mage does mage stuff, the mid ADC does mid ADC stuff, and the tank CSes as well as they can while existing bot lane.

The main difference is the counter jungler. They need to be able to start on either side (gromp/krugs) without a leash and clear at least two camps, three is optimal. They would go TP/flash + smite, with either a ward and blue trinket (TP), or pots and blue trinket (flash). Use blue trinket to find if the enemy jungler is starting on that side or not, then go to whatever side the enemy isn't on. Clear that jungle half, and pick up a kill if you have the HP and mana for it.

Optimal first back for the counter jungler would be the counter jungle smite (450 gold), then run with the jungler to drag for an early drag, and proceed to eat the enemy jungler and his jungle.

I don't have many junglers to test who can at least do the clear, but I have tested (successfully):

  • Nunu
  • WW
  • Xin (needs pots)
  • Voli (pots)
  • Sion (p + execution for 3)
  • Shaco
  • Jax (p)
  • Yorick
  • Trundle (p)
  • Pantheon (p)
  • Olaf (p)
  • Maokai (p + kiting wolves if starting gromp)
  • Udyr
  • Shen (p)