• DemiGod24

    Cudgel of Certainty

    March 18, 2013 by DemiGod24
    An allied champion targeted by this item (can be self-cast) gains a buff which lasts for 5 seconds that allows an ability which normally hits non-champion units to pass through them, or removes damage reduction from an ability that passes through them (75 second cooldown). (600 range)

    |passive = Gain +5 additional gold every 10 seconds. |menu = Defense > Health Regen
    Magic > Mana Regen
    Defense > Armor |buy = 2220g (800g) |sell = 1400g }}

    Cudgel of Certainty is a custom item in League of Legends.

    • (700g)
    • (720g)
    • 800g

    This item may be useful on supports with skill-shot based lane partners like  or , or on supports like and . I believe that it is not OP, as you still have to actually make a skillshot hit. It only gives an advantage, which in …

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