• Demise101

    Ok, this time, I am NOT typing up a detailed blog. Here, I want to find out issues that the community has with editing and Wiki in general. Ask questions in comments below, and I will answer as soon as I can (anywhere between 10 seconds and 1 day), and make the answers simple, and maybe include pics.

    Any frequently asked questions will be put into the blog. Please give Feedback!

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  • Demise101

    Discussion: Emoticons

    October 7, 2011 by Demise101

    Hello Wikians, I am making this blog to announce a topic of the limiting of Emoticons.

    Why? I want to remove the shortcut function from the wiki, as they lag chat, cause many bugs( such as causing a line-break after each emote, which means the chat doesn't scroll down) and they are highly irritating.

    What am I asking the Community for?

    To remove the easy face methods such as :D, :(, :), :'), :] and :P. These emoticons can be replaced by (sad) (happy) etc. It is easier this way because many people unintentionally use these, and it ends up causing problems for other Chat users.

    Please Discuss.

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  • Demise101

    Congratulations, Wiki editors! We have reached the 1000 page milestone! We met a few hitches along the way, but we still got there X3! Keep up the Good Work!

    Wiki Stats of the new Millenium

    • 2.4 million views this week
    • 9000 edits
    • 40 new photos!
    • 183 Users with over 100 edits!
    • 113 Users with 50-99 edits!
    • 226 with 20-50 edits!
    • Over 3,500 Users in Total!

    A wonderful set of stats; the Wiki is growing steadily and well.

    Pat yourselves on the back, everyone! Well done!

    • Up to date Information on League of Legends
    • A trustworthy Administrative board
    • Projects and Competitions to help the Wiki improve!
    • A well established community

    Pat yourselves on the back, guys, we did it!

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  • Demise101

    Hello there, this is another blog about Wikia. This time, I will be speaking about User rights (hopefully in a bit more detail than usual). This blog is MY take on the Users around the Wiki, their rights, and how to become one of them.

    Here is the page where you request permissions for Rights. You can nominate yourself or someone who you think is ready. Note that requesting a ridiculous nomination (eg requesting admin rights with 2 edits) will result in bans. Remember, power is only given to those who:

    • Prove that they can use the powers, through requests (eg. asking an admin to delete comments, undoing vandalism etc), experience and time.
    • Have the level of maturity to handle them.
    • Are Trustworthy.

    Chat moderators are special users. They are swo…

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  • Demise101

    Hi guys, this is another blog to help you with editing. This time, its about SOURCE CODE (it's been a while, but the blogs are hard to make D: )

    So lately, I've been noticing how most editors don't really use source code, or templates in general. This little blog will give you some of the basics of coding.

    • Template:Stub helps to show users which articles are needed to be cleaned up, as the page lacks information. Put this at the top of the page in question. If you think that an article has enough information to look complete, remove this template from the page.
    • There is Template:Upcoming shows you that a page is subject to extreme changes at random (like Dominion or Magma Chamber)
    • ' (Template:Item icon) references items.

    I hope that many people …

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