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Congratulations to Lol Wiki

Demise101 October 5, 2011 User blog:Demise101

Congratulations, Wiki editors! We have reached the 1000 page milestone! We met a few hitches along the way, but we still got there X3! Keep up the Good Work!

Wiki Stats of the new Millenium

  • 2.4 million views this week
  • 9000 edits
  • 40 new photos!
  • 183 Users with over 100 edits!
  • 113 Users with 50-99 edits!
  • 226 with 20-50 edits!
  • Over 3,500 Users in Total!

A wonderful set of stats; the Wiki is growing steadily and well.

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone! Well done!


  • Up to date Information on League of Legends
  • A trustworthy Administrative board
  • Projects and Competitions to help the Wiki improve!
  • A well established community

Pat yourselves on the back, guys, we did it! ~ Demise101 @ Talk! @ Contribs! ~

Demise101 Lost Bear Please Call If Found


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