At the suggestion from a friend, this blog is a simple guide of how to set up a template.

Step1: Click the template button.

Step2: Select the option Other Template:Magic Word. There should be a large box that has several options. Among them should be Character, Ability and Item icon. These should be
Demise101 Template Tutorial 1-simple

Step 1

enough for both edits, and as such

will be covered here.

Step 3: Select Hero icon as an example.

Step 4: Type in a champion name. Note that by capitilising 'of and the" will result in the link being unfound.Also, the names of Champions must be Capitalised!!!!

Step5: Press Preview, and then, if all works, insert the Template and you have achieved basic template in
Demise101 Tutorial Template 2

Step 2

Demise 101 3

Step 3

Demise101 Template Tutorial 4

Step 4

Demise 101 Template tutorial 5

Step 5

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Remember to Capitalise proper nouns, but not to capitilise words like Of and It.