• Demonkin Esther

    Dal Khan

    December 18, 2014 by Demonkin Esther

    • Currently transferring locations; will update - 18 DEC 2014 @16:40 EST
    • Finished Q and W; will update; apologies for creating an unfinished champion, I just didn't want anything to be lost should any of the computers fail. I have all the skills and information worked out, I just need to format them into here - 19 DEC 2014 @07:30 EST
    • Finished E and R; will update; in case you were wondering, rank caps on basic skills are supposed to be 15 (not R). This champion is supposed to be a wild card pick, or even better, a 'Doom Bot'. About to get started on the 'Evolution' part which will help make sense on how he's supposed to be a wild card (and help get rid the innate weaknesses I built into him, as intended) - 19 DEC 2014 @13:05 EST
    • Sick, mind not…

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