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Dal Khan

Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia

Health 615 +90 Attack damage 55 +3
Health regen. 7.5 +0.5 Attack speed [*] 0.63  (+ 0 +1%)
No resource Armor 20 +3
Magic resist. 30 +0
Melee 125 Move. speed 345

Currently transferring locations; will update - 18 DEC 2014 @1640 EST

Finished Q and W; will update; apologies for creating an unfinished champion, I just didn't want anything to be lost should any of the computers fail. I have all the skills and information worked out, I just need to format them into here - 19 DEC 2014 @0730 EST

Finished E and R; will update; in case you were wondering, rank caps on basic skills are supposed to be 15 (not R). This champion is supposed to be a wild card pick, or even better, a 'Doom Bot'. About to get started on the 'Evolution' part which will help make sense on how he's supposed to be a wild card (and help get rid the innate weaknesses I built into him, as intended) - 19 DEC 2014 @1305 EST

Sick, mind not working. Gonna jot down notes, english later - 22 DEC 2014 @1125


Summoner's Might - Passive

Mage's Shield: Any magic damage taken fills up the Mage's shield first. Basic attacks will reduce the Mage's shield storage by up to 25% of it's max or 50% total AD, whichever is lower, and deal extra magic damage to the enemy by the same amount. Passively loses stored amount by 4 per second.

Fighter's Shield: 25% of incoming damage is diverted to the Fighter's Shield, reducing the shield by that amount. Passively regenerates at 5 per second.

Ability Details
Summoner's Might is a passive ability.

Additional Information:

  • Mage's Shield and Fighter's Shield do not prevent crowd control effects.
  • Any damage being diverted that exceeds the shield(s) will carry on to damage the champion.
    • The damage taken via the shields are after resistances have taken effect. Damage beyond the shield will not face resistances again.
      • 80 incoming damage reduced to 60 via resistances; 10 shield left reduced by 60 damage results in 0 shield left and 50 damage taken by the champion.

Marksman's Core - Q
RANGE: 400

Active: Fire's an arrow in the targeted direction, striking the first enemy it comes into contact with and applying on-hit effects.

Passive: Each rank in Marksman's Core increases the amount of arrows you can store at once. An arrow is stored once every 5 seconds. Additionally, each rank increases Movement speed by 9, Attack speed growth by 0.1, and the AD ratio of this skill by 5%.

Template:Lcaps 16 Arrows
Ability Details
Marksman's Arrow is a colliding linear skill shot.

Astral Jaunt - R+Q

Grants stealth, damage, and bonus MS based on Marksman's Core's ranks. Stealth lasts for 5 seconds + 2 seconds per rank; MS bonus is 10% + 5% per rank; Damage is increased by 50% + 10% per rank, plus true damage from Astral Engage.

Casting spells, attacking, or recasting Astral Engage will end his stealth prematurely. If ended without attacking, the damage bonus will persist for the next attack, spell, or for 5 seconds. Cooldown for Astral Engage only starts after stealth has been broken.

Mage's Core - W
RANGE: 550

Active: Condense energy at a certain point, causing an explosion. The initial radius of the explosion is 100.

Passive: Each rank in Mage's Core increases the explosion radius by 20. Additionally, each rank increases Mage's Shield storage by 10 and the AP ratio of this skill by 5%.

Ability Details
Mage's Explosion is a ground targeted area of effect ability.

Astral Rift - R+W
RANGE: 5500

Summons an anomaly at the targeted location. After 2 seconds, the rift collapses, causing a massive explosion that damages all enemies around it.

The radius and damage of the explosion is 3 times that of Mage's Explosion, plus true damage from Astral Engage. Damage is weaker along the edges of the explosion, dealing 50% of the damage at the very edge. The decrease starts at the edge of Mage's Explosion's radius. True damage dealt by Astral Engage does not decrease.

Fighter's Core - E

Active: Swing your sword in an arc, dealing damage in a cone shape in the target direction.

Template:Lcaps 25% Diversion

Passive: Each rank in Fighter's Core increases the Fighter's Shield by 10, the damage diversion of the shield by 3%, and the AD ratio of this skill by 5%. Additionally, each rank increases Armor and MR growth by 0.5, HP growth by 2, and HP5 growth by 0.1.

Template:Lcaps 70% Diversion
Ability Details
Fighter's Swing is a conic area of effect skill shot.

Astral Slam - R+E
RANGE: 1200

Jumps onto an enemy champion and slams them into the ground, damaging them, stunning them, and slowing down enemies in a 400 unit radius.

The damage is physical based on Dal Kahn's Armor, magic based on his MR, and true damage based on Astral Engage. The duration of the stun and slow is 1 second plus total Armor/MR.

Template:Lcaps (+0.5% magic resistance)

Astral Engage - R
COOLDOWN: 210 / 120 / 105 / 90

Dal Khan empowers his next basic ability. Empowered abilities do not share the same cooldown as their basic form. This ability can be used without ranks, but it will not be usable until level 6.

After Dal Khan has had Astral Engage active for 2 seconds without using another ability, he can reactivate it to cancel the empowerment and put Astral Engage on a 3 second static cooldown. Astral Engage will only go on its normal cooldown if Dal Khan uses an empowered ability.

Ability Details
Astral Engage is a self-targeted buff that empowers his abilities until he casts one.


For every 5 ranks in Q/W/E, gain evo point from that core

MarkC Evo:
on passive: AA = ranged
on Q: triple range
on W/E: double range
on R: 30% bonus

MageC Evo:
on passive: aura flame
on Q/E: add magic damage
on W: add magic DoT
on R: 30% bonus

FightC Evo:
on Passive: reflection
on Q/W: add phys DoT
on E: restore shields
on R: 30% bonus

Level 18 Calculations

5/5/5/3 Build (40% FS; 100 MS/FS):
2315 HP; 24.5 HP5; 25.5% AS; 113.5 Armor; 72.5 MR; 390 MS

15/0/0/3 Build (25% FS; 50 MS/FS):
2145 HP; 16 HP5; 42.5% AS; 71 Armor; 30 MR; 480 MS

0/15/0/3 Build (25% FS; 200 MS; 50 FS):
2145 HP; 16 HP5; 17% AS; 71 Armor; 30 MR; 345 MS

0/0/15/3 Build (70% FS; 50 MS; 200 FS):
2655 HP; 41.5 HP5; 17% AS; 198.5 Armor; 157.5 MR; 345 MS

15/15/15/3 (Doom Bot) Build (70% FS; 200 MS/FS):
2655 HP; 41.5 HP5; 42.5% AS; 198.5 Armor; 157.5 MR; 480 MS

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