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  • Dennizen130

    Larz The Skyborne Protector

            Hey guys this is the second champion that I thought of so if you have not see nthe first one please look up Sludge The Disease Walker. Larz is a melee fighter that is good at staying in fights and inflicting heavy damage on single targets.Larz also does not have mana. The only problem with Larz is that being affected by any type of cc can mess up his play style and he does not do very much aoe damage. so lets get started. 


            There are many stories that go through the world, and not everyone believes them. This particular story just so happens to be as true as you or I. Long ago there was a grand city that lived i nthe clouds. The people who live here go by many names, Cloud Walkers, Typho…

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  • Dennizen130

    Sludge The Disease Walker

    This is about a champion I thought up a while ago just wanted to see what others thought. Sludge is a ranged ability power mage that excels at doing high damage in over time to enemy and dealing aoe damage.

    Bio: In the scientific city of Zaun there are certain things that are not spoken of. One of these mistakes was Sludge. Sludge was created by Dr. Warwick and his assistant Singed. Sludge was a experiment that went wrong. Warwick and Singed were experimenting on a way to invent the ultimate disease to destroy the Demacian forces. In the process Sludge was created. When he was born he was not sure what was going on but he lashed out. Warwick and Singed ran and alerted the guards. They went in and the door to the lab…

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