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  • Derpinator Power

    Most players would take mid over support role anyday. This is due to the fact that most adc's, instead of thanking their support, who helped with that double kill, will just say:

    "omg you almost ksed me. be more careful. give me that blue buff.".

    In the case of being caught out and trying your best to help your adc, there will often be three outcomes; the two common ones are:

    1. ) your adc and you get killed, even though you tried your best. "omg report noob support cant heal",
    2. ) your adc survives and you get killed, the adc will usually say "wow feeding noob report", or
    3. ) they focus your adc and you try your best, "OMG NOOB!!!!! WHY DONT YOU GO IN AND HELP WOW. REPORT IM AFK #YOLO".

    If the support accidentally kses (if you purposely ks them, I wil…

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  • Derpinator Power

    Some champions are almost rarely played; such as , , etc. They are actually pretty good, but their difficulty is usually high. Here are some reasons why none of them are played often:

    • The toggle on is really hard to manage, draining mana alot, which some players find difficult.
    • She has one of the lowest starting health.
    • Using incorrectly might lead to your death, or your whole team's death, because during panic it is difficult to place.
    • Requires difficult and perfect timing in order for to stun.
    • Scary noises during death and .
    • is delayed and can be dodged easily; can be avoided easily, even with the expansion.
    • is hard to master for new players.
    • used twice and all other abilities can make the most of ; however, it is very difficult.
    • Not even Mob…
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