Greetings fellow summoners,

The meta is ever changing, effected by balance in champions, items and viable counter champions. Sometimes it can be explained by a champion or item getting buffed or nerfed. But other times it seems completely random what is popular and what gets banned, its getting hard to keep up.

Frost Example

My best example of logical ban popularity is SejuaniSquare Sejuani, who I quite like in both design and play style. I used to play her tons before she got really popular, convinced she was sleeper OP. Then Juggernaut item Cinderhulk happened, favoring fleshy meat tanks that can stick to targets so much that it should be called Sejuani's Frostburn amirite? At the same time it is now illogical to still ban her when both her forgiving ult and her over-tuned damage item were nerfed. Yet every single ranked match Sejuani gets banned even though she's arguably less effective then a pre-cinderhulk sunfire cape Sejuani.

Booze Example

Another example is GragasSquare Gragas, this one came out the blue for me. One day he was unpopular and people would semi-shout at you for even picking him up, then the next day he got either played or banned. Literally nothing changed, when this happened Cinderhulks passive was already nerfed to oblivion. I suppose some big-shot played it with success in a tournament or something?

Patch Example

The last thing that normally happens is patch day mayhem. Balance changes have been rolled out or a new champion is released, basically resetting the board. When the latter happens they get banned because of 1 or 2 things, either they are so mechanically disturbing that no one wants them on their team (BardSquare Bard), or the champion is so strong that it can't be allowed to be picked on either side (can't name one atm).

What matters most is that league is ever changing, and rightfully so. I would almost wish for people to change their bans faster when the patches role along in Sejuani's case. But on the other hand I'd like people to change with the champion releases slower, and actually try to fight against new things like EkkoSquare Ekko. Because the way things are going, people on the Ekko page and streaming/recording people are both sending 1 message "Ekko is strong". I predict a pure Ekko ban-out a week or two after release, which is sad.

I hope to be wrong.