Greetings fellow summoners!

Today I'd like to take a bit of your time in order to explore some of the less used options that came to existence when they introduced trinket items and the support items (Talisman of Ascension item ToA, Face of the Mountain item FotM, and Frost Queen's Claim item FQC)

Too Long; Couldn't be Bothered

Balance change suggestion for trinkets:
Balance change suggestion for economy items:
  • Change the active on Frost Queen's Claim item Frost Queen's Claim to include "DOOM"
    • Reduce slow from 50% to 35%
    • Add Doom; Doom amplifies all magic damage affected champions take by 7%


When I say less used I'm talking about Farsight Orb item Farsight Orb and Frost Queen's Claim item Frost Queen's Claim specifically. And this is not to criticize the community or the item purchase choices we all go trough. Because when something is used less, it's usually because there are better or safer options. This is also true for the blue Farsight Orb item Trinket and Frost Queen's Claim item Economy items.

Blue Trinket

This is a nicely reworked Clairvoyance Clairvoyance without actually removing the summoner spell. But in my opinion it's greatest issue, is that it offers nothing new. The Green (or is it yellow?) and Red trinkets let you place or remove wards, this compliments the buying of wards and replaced Oracle's Elixir item Oracle's Elixir which is great. But for the blue trinket, that leaves nothing but being a second CV. If I were behind the buttons I'd switch it up a bit, making the following changes:

  • Green/Yellow trinket; NONE
  • Red Trinket; Now only reveals wards, not champions. Also a lower cool down.
  • Blue Trinket; Now grants true sight on champions over the revealed area.

This change would be aimed at having 1 warding trinket, 1 anti warding trinket, and 1 vision/anti-stealth trinket. It would shift some of the use for the red trinket into blue, by countering stealth champions specifically. And in doing so giving a purpose to the blue trinket, other then being a second hand CV.

Economy Item

As for Frost Queen's Claim item Frost Queen's Claim It's major problem is that there is no real need to upgrade it. For the gold generating purposes, both active and passive, leaving it at stage two would suffice. The only thing you get when you upgrade it is a neat slow active, and a bit of AP, which isn't all that much to write home about. On top of that, there isn't a champion out there that couldn't benefit more from picking up either Talisman of Ascension item Talisman of Ascension or Face of the Mountain item Face of the Mountain. Sure, it works quite well on some more poke oriented supports like TeemoSquare Teemo, NidaleeSquare Nidalee, KarmaSquare Karma or SonaSquare Sona but overall it is lacking. Seeing as how you don't get enough mana regeneration to use your earlier power to it's fullest potential. In my experience you are usually better off getting Ancient Coin item Ancient Coin on these buggers as well.

Now again, if I were behind the buttons, I'd look into giving Frost Queen's Claim a bit of more dread. How? Well, as the blog title inscribes, by implementing "DOOM". For those that don't know, it's part of the active component found in Deathfire Grasp item Deathfire Grasp. To be more precise, it's the part that makes all incoming magic damage hurt for 20% more. Since it's an AoE active, it's reasonable to scale the percentage down, and I like the number 7, deal with it. Also since it would now have an actual purpose in team fights, the slow on top of it would be too strong, so I'd reduce it to 35% from 50%.

Taunt Section

This is usually the part where I ask you about your opinion, and use it like a Teemo Taunt, Global and all inclusive. Tell me your feelings, butthurt, anger, undecided, insecure, indifferent or dare I say "happy/excited".