Greetings fellow summoners.

I'm probably not the first to have this idea, but I'd still like to share and hear your thoughts. As I for one would love a game mode where we can actually play out some of the wars that formed Runeterra! Now basically this game mode would be a game where we'd have a limited champion pool which depends on what war you'd choose. This would feature all the known factions and their counterparts.

Great states

Demacia, Noxus and Ionia are known to be at odds with one another, and although Ionia proclaims neutrality, they still have their fair share of wars. While Demacia and Noxus seem to do nothing but fight each other each chance they get. It would be nice to see the champions that hail from these great nations fight each other! The champion pool here would be limited to:





With this reset of time all these countries would have 12 champions in their pool with at least 2 champions for every role (if you'd count Kennen as a marksmen). So what about other factions that could be played?

  • Freljord From before there was conflict between the clans, counting the upcoming BraumSquare Braum.
  • Brandle City Counting everyone that was born there, only 11 champion options though.
  • Piltover Counting champions and associates, excluding Viktor leaving 11 champions.


Would you want to reenact any of the wars between these states?