With the nerf to Exhaust Exhaust the full damage/aggressive supports are making a comeback, taking spells like Ignite Ignite. This reduces the effectiveness of heal by 40% if used correctly so it makes sense for this shift to happen after the nerf. The drawback of this is that supports often get the kills when you would really want them on carries in order for them to scale better.

So what if we would switch the summoners around? Ignite on the carries and heal on the support! #OldSchool

Aside from the obvious benefit of having more kill potential on the carry and having that 40% lifesteal and heal reduction in a 1 on 1 duel there are additional benefits. These come in the form of cooldown reduction and amount of healing done trough masteries and items that are support oriented:

  • Insight mastery 2016.png Insight reduces summoner spells cooldown by 15% and is often taken on supports
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Ionian Boots of Lucidity reduces summoner spells cooldown by 10% and has a space in support purchases
  • Mikael's Crucible item Mikael's Crucible increases healing by 20%, this includes summoner heal
  • Redemption item Redemption increases healing by 10%, this includes summoner heal
  • Ardent Censer item Ardent Censer increases healing by 10%, this includes summoner heal
  • Windspeaker's Blessing mastery 2016.png Windspeaker's Blessing increases healing by 10%, this includes summoner heal

In an ideal world you could have 50% increased healing on a 25% reduced cooldown for the support while the carry gets all the kills. Let me know how you guys think about this, because personally I feel the meta should make this shift asap.