As some of you might know, I've been quite the nutty professor in making champion stats lists. So far I've only taken the health and attack speed values right off the champions' pages and listed them. However I noticed that a lot of the value's are outdated or incorrect. So I've begun checking the wiki values I copied to those in the actual game client, that revealed even more problems. So what exactly are the issues? I'm glad you asked, here's a list:

  • The values for the champions' stats are outdated on some of the champions' pages.
  • The base values should be level 0, however some stats are from level 1.
  • The increase for at least attack speed does not correspond with the actual level 18 attack speed

That are quite a lot of issue's and sadly I don't have all the champions, so it is taking too much time for me to do this alone. Please If anyone would like to help make my lists better then what I really need are:

  • Statistic value's from level 1
  • Statistic value's from level 18

For each unchecked champion from the lists:

If you do decide to help out keep in mind to take no runes and masteries other then the experience ones for faster leveling. Eternal gratitude to those that help. That is all