Greetings follow summoners, another day, another down!

A server that is; as it might not surprise you to hear that after taking down Ranked every other day due to games not starting, EUW has finally given out. So let us all join hands digitally and pray for the painless demise of this faithful server, as it has served us well for oh so long. Rest in Parts, may the best be recycled and the worst be killed with fire.

And may we also express our hope for the future, where the Amsterdam server park is live and there are no further disruptions like the past month. No more lag spikes, no more disabled ranked queues and no more server downs! When the introduction of a new feature like Team Builder or the temporary game modes like Hexakill do not lag, flood and eventually kill the entire connection!

To whichever gods may hear these words... -Insert Patrick Steward here- Make it so!