The Void, a place of unspeakable horror, a place where chaos is king, a place where the strong have free reign. But even in this harsh environment there are places where even the strongest tred carefully. For in these places the weak unite te become a force to be reckoned with.

In one of these places, the swamp of leeches, it happened that something quite remarkable happend. One of the weakest creatures in existance apeared in the void, a human child. This child was sent to the void by his own mother who used her experimental magic on her child. If she did it because she needed a human test subject, or because no bastard of Darkwill is safe in Noxus, is irrelevant. The bastard would soon get acquainted with the inhabitants of the swamp and meet the same fate as many stronger creatures before it. The leeches jumped their prey to lavish themselves on the magic that runs trough it's blood. As time passed however, the leeches' gluttony met its match, as they all ate more then their fill and the boy still lived.

Many years passed and the boy grew into a man, surviving in the harsh void for all that time made him a strong man. When he finaly accepted that this would be his home for all his life, he got the call: "It is time fulfill your destiny, my son". And before he got the chance to protest he was wisked away from his new life as suddenly as he fell into it. Back to Noxus and to his mother who he asked why she had brought him back to this wretched place. But he could see the answer with his own eyes, as the Noxians could definately benefit from the lessons he learned in the void. As his mother whispered dreams of power and domination in his ear it came to be that he challenged Boram Darkwill directly. With his strength he easily gained an audience with the king where he demanded the seat of power for himself. But the cunning Boram Darkwill did not claim his throne by asking for it and devised a plan. A true king proves himself for his people before he ascends the throne, as he told his offspring. Before you are recognized as my rightfull successor you must do the same, prove yourself in the League of Legends.