"I can play anything but [insert role]" "ADC or feed!" "Really? You want me to play top? Well, we will loose now." "I'm first pick so screw you, I'm taking [insert champion]" "Stop bitching, you're last pick, GO SUPPORT!"

Any of these sound familiar? For me, these are the clamors of Ranked Solo-Queue Draft Pick. The fighting for roles between people who are supposed to work together to achieve the best possible set up.Lets analyze, shall we?

"Can play anything but [insert role]"

  • Although it's good that you at least tell your team what you Can't play, it just leaves too many options. And it's really doubtful that 'anything' is gonna turn out as something else then "jack of all trades but master of none."

"ADC or feed!"

  • If you ever said this, you deserve the chew-up-and-spit-out-flame your team has probably threw your way. Being stuck in just 1 role, especially in ranked, is just wrong, there should be at least 2 roles you can perform reliably. You can't? Get your ass out of ranked and practice!

"Really? You want me to play [insert role here]? Well, we will lose now."

  • Sarcasm has never helped anyone. Neither has being in a defeatist state of mind. If you know you really suck in something, there are different ways to express it. Sometimes it happens that you get stucked with a role that you are not confident with. In these cases it's just best to suck it up and play defensively to the best of your ability. Let's be honest, the game is going to suck for you, here's a hug in advance *Great Bear Hug*

"I'm first pick so screw you, I'm taking [insert champion]"

  • First off, insulting people is not going to make it any better. Second off, try to discuss it like a rational person, even if your teammate does not. Sometimes it helps to just say; "I'm sorry, but I really want to play as a Jungler this game."

"Stop bitching, you're last pick so go support!"

  • This is wrong in so many levels, first off don't cuss at people. Secondly don't assume no one wants to play support, there are 4 people who have to pick before them so there might just be a player that is a main support. Finally, forcing someone into a role they are terrible at, is not gonna help the team in any way...

Then what can you do? Well I for one prefer to announce 1 preference and 1 backup role that I can at least play 3 champions reliably with. Usually people respond in a similar manner, it tends to work out.

I'd like to play Support/Jungler. What do you guys prefer?