Greetings, fellow summoners. What if ViktorSquare Viktor got the same treatment as RengarSquare Rengar pertaining their unique items? That The Hex Core item The Hex Core, like Bonetooth Necklace Bonetooth Necklace, was converted into a trinket?

The Hex CoreEdit

Making the hex core into a trinket would pose some interesting options and challenges.

  1. The Hex Core item The Hex Core itself wouldn't take up a slot anymore, freeing Viktor to buy other items for that slot. So, just like Bonetooth Necklace, The Hex Core should lose its damage core but maintain its utility.
  2. The Hex Core item The Hex Core is tied into ViktorSquare Viktor's Evolving Technology Evolving Technology, this could either mean that he'd need a new passive, or that the damage statistics that were part of both The Hex Core and its evolutions become this passive.
  3. The Hex Core item The Hex Core, like trinkets, requires gold to upgrade into its evolutions. This is different from the kill stack-based Bonetoth Necklace.


Keeping all those options and challenges in mind, but also keeping true to Viktor as much as possible there would be 3 resulting items that could be obtained at the start of the game. These would just be trinkets in a different coat, unique and exclusive to Viktor.


It gets interesting when we get to the upgraded trinkets, since this is where the difference between Rengar and Viktor first gets any real consequence. Keeping true to Victor would mean that the parts where you'd upgrade the trinket would at least grant the utility parts of his passive. And keeping true to trinkets would require 475 gold and level 9 to unlock this extra bonus. So we'd get the following items:

Missing StatsEdit

But what about the combat stats? You can't really include them as part of the trinket, since you'd get combat stats on your extra slot, which is not really an option... these could be directly transfused into his innate but, since it used to take up a slot before, that doesn't seem fair either. But not having an innate is not either, so what do they all have in common? Right, ability power per level!

Glorious Evolution
Evolving Technology

Innate: Due to the hextech augmentations to his body, Viktor gains 3 - 54 (based on level) bonus ability power.


It's totally viable to make Viktor's Hex Core into a trinket slot. But would it change too much? Is the mechanic of having an item with 3 upgrade paths that are unique to Viktor so core on him that it would change his play style and identity? Or would this freed up item slot give Viktor more chances to upgrade the ability he wants the most separate from the combat stats he wants to go with it? You decide, is this a buff, nerf or break to Viktor?


As some users have noted in the comments, tying the effects The Hex Core item The Hex Core provides directly into the several trinkets limits the choice in what trinkets to get. Therefore I'd like to adjust a change to the suggestion. Instead of incorporating their effects into several trinkets. It could be made so that the several trinket effects might be added upon The Hex Core item The Hex Core, just like enchantments get added onto boots. This way you could still choose the trinket you want on top of the effect Augment Death Augment Death provides.

P.S.: Credit for the templates used on the items goes to Emptylord, who does an overall epic job of tuning up this wiki's visual appeal.