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(Pending remake due to Riot's lore retcon)

"So how does it feel to fight with a legend?"
Winterborn Sauvagess Sr., Aur


Upon selection
  • Digiangel234 winterbornselect
    "May the best man win."
  • Digiangel234 winterbornattack1
    "This is the end!"
  • Play "Cha!"
  • Digiangel234 winterbornattack3
    "Eat this!"
  • Digiangel234 winterbornattack4
    "Too slow!"
  • Play "Are you ready?"
  • Digiangel234 winterbornmove2
    "Shall I make a full display of my talents?"
  • Digiangel234 winterbornmove3
    "Let's get this going."
  • Digiangel234 winterbornmove4
    "Hey, kid! Class is in session."
  • Digiangel234 winterbornmove5
    "Show me whatchu got."
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt1
    "Is it really over?"
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt2
    "That's it? I haven't even started yet..."
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt3
    "Oh my...just when I thought we were getting warmed up."
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt4
    "Seems like...there's no use for you anymore."
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt5
    "You're weaker than I thought."
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt7
    "Why so serious?"
  • Digiangel234 winterborntaunt6
    "Need a break?"
  • Play "I take it your silence is often mistaken for confusion."
  • Digiangel234 winterbornjoke2
    "One needs to fully understand the problem in order to find a resolution."
  • Digiangel234 winterbornjoke3
    "Aw, come on! I've got better things to do."
  • Play "Everyone will want you if you're with me!"
Upon death
  • Digiangel234 winterborndeath1
  • Digiangel234 winterborndeath2
    "How can this be?... Ugh..."
  • Play Winterborn laughs.
  • Play "Hilarious!"
  • Play Winterborn laughs.
  • Digiangel234 winterbornlaugh4
    "Hahaha! How stupid."
  • Play "Haw!"
Upon using Digiangel234 20px-empower Empowered Shot
  • Digiangel234 charge1
  • Digiangel234 charge2
  • Digiangel234 charge3
Upon using Digiangel234 20px-crescentsweep Crescent
  • Digiangel234 nether1
    "Crescent Sweep!"
  • Digiangel234 nether2
    "Bloody Gust!"
  • Digiangel234 nether3
    "Twin Tooth!"
Upon using Digiangel234 20px-bulletrain Bullet Rain
  • Digiangel234 rain1
    "Make It Rain!"
  • Digiangel234 rain2
    "Howling Gale!"
  • Digiangel234 rain3
    "Bullet Time!"
Upon using Digiangel234 20px-scatterbomb Scatter Bomb
  • Digiangel234 grenade1
    "Explosive Shot!"
  • Digiangel234 grenade2
  • Digiangel234 grenade3
    "Chaotic Storm!"
Upon surviving Caitlyn Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole, Ezreal Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage.png Trueshot Barrage, or Jinx Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!
  • Digiangel234 ultsurv1
    "Graggh. I'm beginning to enjoy this..."
  • Digiangel234 ultsurv2
    "Hraggh! You just got lucky there."

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start

  • "I'll give it my all!"
Vs. player Heimerdinger Heimerdinger or Veigar Veigar
  • "You're not getting your hands on my ship!"

Player team victory

  • "It's okay. You haven't seen anything yet."

Player team defeat

  • "That wasn't even worth my bullets."


  • Jaggard are a species created by Packmind.

Digiangel234 jaggard1

Digiangel234 jaggard2


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