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  • Sauvagess' full name is considered "Winterborn, Delrin Sauvagess; successor Muraji"
  • Sauvagess' recall animation is the assumed pose performed during the "Balcony" scene from William Shakespere's famous play Romeo & Juliet.
  • Sauvagess' dance is the rather famous Electric Slide, as seen in the music video by Marcia Griffiths.
  • Sauvagess suffers from Heterochromia iridium, a condition that causes a person's eye colors to differ between each eye. The left iris is pink while the other is orange.


  • Sauvagess' sarcastic joke "One needs to fully understand the problem in order to find a resolution." is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the video Teamwork OP.
  • Sauvagess is the first character to have a laugh that includes a spoken phrase.


  • Sorrowful Sauvagess is a rather obvious reference to the original Dante from the Devil May Cry series.
  • Hired Gun Sauvagess seems to be a reference to the outfit of another video game character Lupus from KoG's MMO Grand Chase.
  • Hired Gun Sauvagess shares the Hired Gun theme with GravesSquare.png Graves and LucianSquare.png Lucian.


  • Sauvagess' low influence in Piltover is a result of an altercation with HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger, where the possession of Winter's space ship lead to some trouble with the local authorities.
  • Sauvagess finds himself at odds with VeigarSquare.png Veigar due to the pursuit of his hidden desires behind space, finding Winterborn's ship to be a possibly better alternative to the Mothership
  • Sauvagess finds himself most at home around Ionia

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Winterborn's Theme

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