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    Champion Concept

    Seraph, Natures Wrath
    - [Battle Scars]
    - Every kill or assist gives Seraph 5 armor and magic resist
    Q - [Entangle]
    - roots target enemy champion and snare for .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
    dealing 75/100/125/150/175 (+0.6) magic damage
    W - [Natures Guise]
    - increases allied champions armor and magic resist by 30/45/60/75/90 for 3 seconds
    OR lowers enemy champions armor and magic resist by 10/15/20/25/30 for
    3 seconds and deals 70/100/130/160/190 (+0.7) magic damage
    E - [Earthshake]
    - Arcane energy surges from the ground dealing 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.4)
    magic damage and pushing enemies back and creating an impassable terrain
    for 1 second
    R - [Spirit Form]
    - (Passive) - gives seraph 100/200/300 bonus health
    - (Active) - Seraph channels natures energy …

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