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Hector,The Slime Of Doom

Ditaanra February 8, 2013 User blog:Ditaanra

It is an AP Carry Champion that i will like to see at LoL.

Q:Hector shoots out a ball of his slime body that explodes at the first enemy unit that it hits and makes 50/100/150/200/250magic damage (+ % of his AP).

W:Every third of Hector's basic attacks poisons the enemy it hits.

E: Passive:Hector's Ability Power Is increased by % of his max Health       Active:Hector can mark an enemy champion and stunning him and making 50/100/200/250/300 Damage (+ % of his AP) over 5 seconds.

R:Hector marks an area near him and summons rain of slime that slows and makes 150/250/350 Magic Damage (+ % of his AP) to all enemy units in the marked area.

Pssive:Hector gains 10 Movement Speed for every allied champions nearby.
Glop48 Oogie

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