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    Templated version, because of incoming pruning:

    Ole Tsoob is an incredibly strong champion coming from the asian part of Runeterra. Legend says a rogue arcanist from the Tsoob clan used a forbidden "animate weapon" spell on a pile of Infinity Edges and Deathcaps, but instead of the expected swarm of blazing flying swords of doom, all he got from the ritual was a baby that he named Ole.

    He grew up tranquilly in a small boring village and stuff etc blah blah, but the very day he was old enough to hold a Bloodthirster in each hand without breaking the handle by striking too hard, Ole got the permission to join the league. He was supposed to prove his worth in a long fight against Jax but the latter surrendered at 20.

    This is not a picture of him.


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  • Dj0z

    Please focus on the concept, numbers are easy to change for balance.

    Thought process

    Thinking of creative ways to give some usefulness to underused runes and masteries, as well as looking for ways to allow more diverse viable strategies for the meta, i've been thinking about XP (experience points) and the runes, masteries and champions that come with it.

    I realized the runes are used by absolutely nobody as far as i know. The masteries, only found in the Utility tree, are often not taken in favor of more CDR / health regen based on mana / other things.

    With these 2 following items there could be an alternative meta that gives more impact on the fact of staying in lane longer and racking up as much XP as possible (more details after the descrip…

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  • Dj0z

    Note: This guide assumes you follow the exact Rune, Mastery, and Item build. Used successfully a while ago in ranked up to 1330 ELO, whatever it may be worth to you. I would not recommend you to use it nowadays in ranked however.

    Nocturne is one of my first major (6300 IP) buys, and i didn't really know how to play him back then. So i tried all kinds of different builds, from glass cannon to full tank, searching for the way to exploit his strengths to the maximum. This build is the result of these early weeks of experimenting with my playstyle, and is the build i like the most for Noc. Take note that this is because it fits my playstyle, so it will depend on yours whether it will work for you or not. Also, i have not tried the current meta …

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  • Dj0z

    Note: This little guide assumes you follow the exact Rune, Mastery, and Item build. Designed for SR 5v5 not ranked.

    An alternative to the standard AD build that everyone uses. This build essentially makes MF a great AoE damage dealer, especially efficient in endgame teamfights. She also preserves the damage potential of her poke (Q), by taking advantage of many of the game's hidden or unsuspected mechanisms.

    The build i am gonna describe deals alot of damage in relatively small ticks, making the enemy largely underestimate your damage, with the extra fun of sometimes making them stack Magic Resistance because they think it will reduce your damage.

    Except MF is THE champion who now builds physical damage from Ability Power!

    So we basically take …

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  • Dj0z

    A post in the Lulu page was asking what's so great about AP Lulu. I thus proceeded to check out support AP ratios quickly.

    That is assuming you want to support your team, but with AP items, as opposed to typical AP-less support items. Here is the list from greatest to weakest, with some sharing the same seat:

    1. Taric has 2 formulas, a minimal one couting Q on himself and lowest use of E, and a maximal couting Q on an ally (which doubles the ratio essentially) and E at max power. Minimum = 0.86 + 0.6 + 0.4 + 0.7 = 2.54 , Maximum = 1.2 + 0.6 + 0.8 + 0.7 = 3.3! Here's the god of AP supports. I didn't even count the extra AP from his Ult.
    2. Janna = 0.75 + 0.8 + 0.9 + 0.175 = 2.625 with instant ult, up to 3.85 if you channel ult to the max (never happens, tryin…

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