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  • DocTanner

    With the recent release of Jinx, there's been a renewed discussion of what, exactly, constitutes "trivia". There's been an enormous amount of references added to her page and significant disagreement about what should or should not be included. There are some members of the community who believe that anything of interest is worthy of inclusion, regardless of how much of a "stretch" it might be. Others believe that only concrete, verifiable fact should be included. Still others believe that there is some middle ground that allows for limited speculation in the absence of verification.

    So far, most of this discussion has been between Asperon Thorn (talk) and myself (talk), with additional input from a few other members of the community. In pa…

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  • DocTanner

    Wiki NA Tournament

    October 7, 2013 by DocTanner

    So, our friend Commander Marko had an idea to set up a tournament for wiki folks. His tournament will be for EUW and can be found here. But I figured, why not set up an NA one too?

    If you've got an NA account and are interested in playing with/against other wiki folks, leave your summoner name in the comments below. If we get enough interest, I'll go on to the next step and start figuring out timing for a tournament!

    Good luck, and have fun. --DocTanner (talk) 08:22, October 7, 2013 (UTC)

    Okay! So, we've got a whole bunch of interest here. Looks like we need to schedule this. So, here's what I need: when are you available? Days, times, etc. (Keep in mind time zones)

    What I'll do is figure out who is able to play together and work out teams. (I…

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  • DocTanner

    Season 4 Map Changes

    October 7, 2013 by DocTanner

    Hello again, summoners!

    DocTanner here, but this time I've got questions instead of answer. It's come to my attention that Riot is looking to do some map updates with season 4. So, I'd like to ask anyone that knows anything to share. What are the changes going to be? When should we expect them? Will there be Poro's? Etc.

    So share what you know and, together, we'll about maps!

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  • DocTanner

    Hi, DocTanner here with some math to lay on the line. If you're not mathematically inclined, feel free to move on after the tl;dr and just accept my judgement as True Fact. (Capital 'T' and 'F' let you know it's Real.)

    Over the past few weeks I've seen a lot of discussion and complaints about how the random champion selection in ARAM isn't actually Random. Specifically, I see these complaints most often:

    1. Weighted towards free-list champions.
    2. Weighted towards "ARAM-OP" champions, such as .
    3. Weighted towards "common" champions everyone owns, like .
    4. Weighted against that "black sheep" champion you really want to play.

    How can a system that's supposed to be random cause all of these problems?

    Random champion selection does exactly what it says it does…

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  • DocTanner

    Bridge, the Space Weaver

    September 15, 2013 by DocTanner

    Bridge, the Space Weaver is a custom work-in-progress champion forLeague of Legends.

    Bridge does not have base attack damage, nor does he gain any per level. Instead, his auto-attacks deal magic damage equal to 50 20% AP)}}. This damage is an on-hit effect.

    This effect has an on-attack cost of per attack and cannot be turned off. If Bridge does not have enough mana for the attack, the percent-AP bonus is not applied. }}

    Bridge warps space around a target point, dealing magic damage to enemies in an area and slowing them by 35%.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 350 }}

    Bridge recieves a buff that provides mana equal to 20% of all damage he takes. If Reality Sink's active is applied to an ally, that ally recieves …

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