So, our friend Commander Marko had an idea to set up a tournament for wiki folks. His tournament will be for EUW and can be found here. But I figured, why not set up an NA one too?

If you've got an NA account and are interested in playing with/against other wiki folks, leave your summoner name in the comments below. If we get enough interest, I'll go on to the next step and start figuring out timing for a tournament!

Good luck, and have fun. --DocTanner (talk) 08:22, October 7, 2013 (UTC)


Okay! So, we've got a whole bunch of interest here. Looks like we need to schedule this. So, here's what I need: when are you available? Days, times, etc. (Keep in mind time zones)

What I'll do is figure out who is able to play together and work out teams. (I'll take LoLking elos into account for this too, if possible.)


I'm not sure how we'll set up the bracket yet. It'll partly depend on how many people we get and how many of them I can get to overlap, scheduling-wise.

One thing I'm thinking about doing is have teams set up for a first-round bracket. But have the second round shuffle the players up. This prevents one epic player from carrying a whole team to victory. Any other ideas would be more than welcome though.

Also, I assume you all want 5v5 on Summoner's Rift, but I'm open to 3v3, 2v2, or even 1v1. Leave your opinion on this, and all other things, in the comments below.


Wiki UserSummoner NameTeamTiming
Ajrsweet (talk)ajrsweetAfternoon EST
Anything.Goes29 (talk)Ninjite29M-F 2100- EST
Bashfrog (talk)Bashfrog
Bouseherb (talk)bouseherbSaSu any. M-F 1700- (tz?)
Darkshados (talk)Darkshados
DeflectRange (talk)DeflectRangeSee Comment
GimmeStarfoxWii (talk)gojirafan123F 1500-, Sa any. (CST)
Greatwooks (talk)GreatwooksM-F 1700- CST
JAlbor (talk)ArkaniaWikiaEvenings
Kashicorn (talk)kashicornSaSu
Kazekazu (talk)VulDreadSa PM
Kazuma180 (talk)Dreadroot100
Lil Tippy (talk)Lil Tippy
Luke32113 (talk)luke32113SaSu any. M,W-F 1800-
Mhadick (talk)mattroidprimeWikia
Michalk (talk)545564251442Sa-Su (Or Thanksgiving)
Mr. Toasty (talk)Mr Toasted~(TuTh), 20:00-06:00 EST
Mrbananaflasher (talk)mrbananaflasherSa-Su 1900- (tz?)
NinjaTurt (talk)NinjaTurtM,W-Sa afternoon
Odaswifteye (talk)Odaswifteye"Midday to late night". EST
Ozuar (talk)bmmastinSaSu only. EST
PhyrexianProcessor (talk)TheEsotericOrderSaSu any, M-Th evenings.
Pseudobread (talk)TominyaraWikiaEvenings
Reilock (talk)Reilock
Simmons2143 (talk)Da Finger LazersSaSu any. M-F 1600-1800 (Ohio?)
Son007 (talk)Son0071200-1700, 2100- EST
Sonicknight15 (talk)sonicknight15Sa 1200-, Su 1500-,TuWF 1900-2300 KST
Sultin813 (talk)jaudiSaSu any. M-F 1800-2230 EST
SurrealFiction (talk)SurrealFictionSaSu 1300- EST
SwordAce (talk)SwordAce
Talkla1337 (talk)TalklaEvenings
TehAnonymous (talk)ExplorificeTeh's Team
TheBlueRogue (talk)AspioWikia
TheNippleCrusher (talk)vrtisEvenings (EST)
TheTobarMethod (talk)LeTobarMethod
Wubmeister (talk)WubmeisterSaSu 1800-1200 (UTC +8)
YoshinatorZ (talk)YoshinatorEvenings
ZephyrRising (talk)ZephyrRising
Zerokzs (talk)Zerokzs