• Doc Tam

    Real Simple Remakes

    September 3, 2012 by Doc Tam

    So just some quick fixes for champions who just don't make the grade right now (because these threads don't come up enough):

    Innate - Now slows for 15%

    Q - After charging, Sejuani gains 10/20/30/40/50 Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds. AP Ratio increased to .5

    W - Increased AP ratio to .15

    E - Increased AP Ratio to .7

    R - Lowered CD to 120/105/90

    Mantra - Now can be ranked like Jayce's ultimate. CD changed to 32/27/22/17. Max charges stored changed to 1/2/2/3. Also now grants passive bonus to MS of 0/10/20/30.

    All other skills now rescaled to get rank 6 numbers at rank 5.

    AA range increased to 525

    Q - Instantly makes Twitch invisible. Now ignores unit collision for duration.

    Q - Enemies can no longer see the drop reticule on his axe.

    W - Mana cost…

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  • Doc Tam

    My shot at making a melee carry. After observing the melee carries in DotA2 and seeing how they function (and are actually viable in competitive), I became interested in fashioning one myself. I realize that in League Meridith would be classified as a "Fighter" champ, since her gap closers are weak and she scales well with different stats, but its fine.


    There are legends told among gossiping wives in Valoran of dark entities who, for a price, will exact vengeance upon anyone you desire. This contract has typically only been used for one thing: punishing the unfaithful. Using a mixture of temptation and sharp wit (and even sharper swords), Meridith has brought punishment to many a lover. Now she turns her attention to the League of …

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  • Doc Tam

    An item designed for those champs who don't like going crit or on-hit builds. For example, you could go Bloodthirster/FF on Kog'maw, since his Bio-Arcane barage does not crit, but could still allow you to have that AD carry utility of lifesteal.

    • (1100g)
    • (975g)
    • 500g
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  • Doc Tam

    Hey, guys who play Melee carries! Are you sick of getting kited? Are you tired of seeing your favorite champ at the bottom of the tierlists because they aren't "viable". But then Riot tell you that you will never see buffs because you snowball in low ELO too much? Well here is the item to fix that.

    Now I know what everyone thinks when they hear about BKB in League: "lol, so op, will never work". And I agree, total magic immunity would be ludicrous. But how about a Morgana shield? You can't always bully your friends into picking Morgana (if she isn't banned), but wouldn't it be nice to have that shield there for when you play Tryndamere?

    I used the hexdrinker as a base for obvious reasons. The item is meant for carries and carries want damage…

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  • Doc Tam

    Steiner is a melee champion, who primarily functions in the support role. My goal was to create a support champion like Nunu, who would get in people's faces and whack them with basic attacks in order to win his lane bottom.

    Physical Description: Human Male (League needs more) who is wearing a lab coat. His right arm though is busting out and looks like an enlarged gorilla arm rather than a human one. His left hand has been replaced with a manufactured tool, which can be swapped between various items like scalpel/needle.


    In honor of the Jayce Lore. Steiner was a promising medical student at Piltover University renowned for his skilled hand in the surgery room. However, while visiting Zaun to learn about their medical techniques he g…

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