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Cape of the King, aka BKB

Doc Tam July 22, 2012 User blog:Doc Tam

Hey, guys who play Melee carries! Are you sick of getting kited? Are you tired of seeing your favorite champ at the bottom of the tierlists because they aren't "viable". But then Riot tell you that you will never see buffs because you snowball in low ELO too much? Well here is the item to fix that.

Now I know what everyone thinks when they hear about BKB in League: "lol, so op, will never work". And I agree, total magic immunity would be ludicrous. But how about a Morgana shield? You can't always bully your friends into picking Morgana (if she isn't banned), but wouldn't it be nice to have that shield there for when you play Tryndamere?

I used the hexdrinker as a base for obvious reasons. The item is meant for carries and carries want damage! Let the Maw have its huge chunk of damage, this is for those guys who want to get more tankiness from their hexdrinker. The shield strength is differnet for melee and ranged, because ranged champs are out of range for a lot of magic damage so it would take to long to break a 450 shield. Besides Ranged AD are already strong enough.

NOTE: lovers of QSS, this still requires you to activate before you eat the CC so this item will stand in complement (besides being more expensive than BVeil)


  • 1090g


  • The amount the shield can block is considerable, but it does not directly scale with champion level or any other statistic in the game. However, magic damage taken while the shield is active is reduced by the owner's magic resistance, effectively increasing the shield's value.

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